System Requirements

Before purchasing any multimedia product on, please review our System Requirements. If your system does not meet these requirements, you will not be able to use our products and/or will not receive the highest quality stream. For information on accessing your or Premium subscription on devices other than your PC, see the Subscription Access FAQ.

1. Customer Service

If you have a question, which is not answered here, please check the FAQs or contact Customer Service.

2. Recommended Profiles runs in most current Internet browsers and operating systems. To watch video and/or current Premium content, you need the most current Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. See Section 3. Flash Player Requirements for more information. Some features may be limited or unavailable if you are running a configuration that is not recommended. The following profiles are recommended for a standard experience. Note: If your computer is more than approximately three (3) years old, then you may experience technical difficulties when attempting to use or Premium. Media Player 5.0 System Requirements

Software/Bandwidth Windows Mac
Operating Systems Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 OSX 10.8, OSX 10.9, OSX 10.10
Connection speed Broadband 3000 Kbps (for in HD) Broadband 3000 Kbps (for in HD)
Browsers Internet Explorer 10 (or higher) Firefox 31 (or higher) Chrome 39 (or higher) Safari 7 (or higher) Firefox 31 (or higher) Chrome 39 (or higher)
Adobe Flash We recommend the most current Adobe Flash Player, available here We recommend the most current Adobe Flash Player, available here

3. Flash Player Requirements

The Media Player is built on the Adobe Flash Player. For better performance we recommend using the most current version of Adobe Flash Player.

4. HD Video Quality

The Media Player supports both SD and HD quality streams adapted to your Internet connection. If you have a constant dedicated connection of 3000 Kbps or above you will receive our highest quality streams. If your bandwidth is between 1800 Kbps and 3000 Kbps you will receive Standard Definition streams.

5. Browser and Plug-in Downloads

The following recommended browser and plug-in downloads are available at no cost.

Applications/Plugins PC MAC
Flash Player Download Download
FireFox Download Download
Internet Explorer Download N/A
Java Download Download
Google Chrome Download Download
Safari N/A Comes with OS X

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